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Engaging, thoughtful content tends to get shared on social media, which encourages other people to visit your site. In time, a technology writer can help your business by increasing your conversions and ad revenues. Technical writers have the experience and awareness of various cost-effective and accurate social media content development tools. By hiring a technology writer as a social media manager, your business will achieve more growth. The writer creates content that matches the technology requirements of the audience. Kirk’s work has appeared on Travelocity, Ziff Davis, StubHub, and more.

  • In an ever-advancing technological world, having a tech guru by your side can make or break your site.
  • Perform better in SERPs with industry-relevant bylines and premium content.
  • The biggest benefits of moving to Scripted have been improvements in the quality of writing, access to subject matter experts, and the ability to quickly complete large volumes of writing simultaneously.
  • Planet Pharma is a staffing and recruiting agency dedicated to serving businesses in the clinical, scientific, and technology sectors.
  • Submissions on spec that deal with topics relevant to their readership of established entrepreneurs.

I appreciate Joanna’s dedication to the craft of simple-worded tech journalism written for everyone, not just tech or business enthusiasts. As the editor of TechRadar India, Aakash is doing wonders by spreading the brand of his publication across the Indian sub-continent. Since joining in 2019, he has become a mainstay in tech journalism, especially in his tech news and commentary articles. As Deputy Editor of the Vox Media’s tech news giant, The Verge, Dan Seifert has quickly become a veteran in mobile tech journalism. He covers the latest gadgets and devices, offers a unique insight into brand new products, and gives his trusted verdict in every article.

Here’s our take on the top tech journalists you need to keep on your radar in 2023 and all the interesting topics they love to cover. In his relatively short career as a writer and photographer for TechCrunch, Devin has established himself as a respected and informative tech writer. For example, his recent article suggests that Apple should follow the SE formula of using a well-loved old product design. Updating internals should be used to revive the 2015 MacBook Pro chassis. I had never considered such a possibility, and it’s a testament to Devin’s bright imagination that he can come up with addictive ideas and designs, making his articles always a blast to read. Our staff of experienced writers has helped technology organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, explain their solutions to a wide variety of audiences.

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When I write I generally combine these interests by focusing on software, technology, business, and financial writing. Meet the top 10 technology writers of the year on LinkedIn, ranked by engagement and more. A senior reporter at The Verge, Adi Robertson, specializes in news stories covering the tech industry.

Search top technology writers to write high-quality content for the technology industry. As a Scripted member you will be able to reach out to them directly, negotiate price, and start short or long-term assignments with ease. Reading published writing samples will give you some idea of how well a writer works. You don’t have to rely on past publications to know that your technology writer will create excellent content, though. It doesn’t take long before you find a few writers who surpass your expectations. Top tech journalists stand out due to their unbridled passion for the industry.

Asides from thorough SERPs research and content planning, the key would be to win trust by showcasing impressive writer profiles with hyper-relevant experience. Our writers are fully vetted and highly specialized in providing insightful content. Compared to finding an in-house technology writer, Scripted offers access to a variety of writers in various technological fields.

OutSystems solutions are available either on-premises or in the cloud, including integration with existing systems and open architecture. Perform better in SERPs with industry-relevant bylines and premium content. Hire Digital will find you talent that match your preferred rates.

Alex Hern is the Technology Editor at the UK-based The Guardian, lending his hand to some of the most instrumental tech articles released by the publication. A relatively new addition to the Guardian tech team, his coverage of the TikTok fiasco and the growing feud between Apple and Fortnite creator Epic Games has been both insightful and impartial. Another distinguished writer at WSJ, Joanna Stern, specializes in breaking the news of bleeding-edge tech. Her recent articles include the slow rollout of 5G cell networksand her insightful piece on how TikTok has found itself at the center of a massive geopolitical battle.

Our talent have to pass a rigorous screening process at Hire Digital, to work on your most important projects. Obviously, to get hired as a copywriter at a tech company, you must first be an excellent writer, with a superb command of language and grammar. Often, a company will already have an existing brand or voice, so the ability to adapt and write in that established The 7 Step Product Development Process Explained voice is a must. It also helps to have previous experience as a copywriter or a comparable body of work or portfolio. Copywriters make a median salary of over $45,000 and some earn over $70,000, according to PayScale. These are the people you and everybody else turn to for amazing insights into the latest gadgets, hardware, and software developments.


So I just did my own thing; I wrote a marketing blurb about the company, based on its website content and whatever else I could find online. My hope was to show them I could at least do research and put words into grammatically acceptable sentences. When applying for the job, I was asked to complete a “writing assessment” that all contractors are required to take to determine their skill level. When I read the instructions, I didn’t understand half the words onscreen, let alone what I was supposed to do with them.

Eleven project managers assist with queries, guidelines, and workflow development. The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 396 total. I was particularly overwhelmed with a lot of work here at Eventbrite, so I didn’t have a ton of time. It took very little effort on my end to work with Scripted and their account management service.

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Outsourced writers offer a fresh view, which will translate to great content for your site. Knowledgeable writers can handle difficult tasks and help break it down in simple and understandable words. With verified credentials, our technical writers are suitable for your website. Scripted has a simplified interface that allows you to browse through with little effort. Our professional writers come with loads of experience and will help create content that will rank your website well in search engines.

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Google Ads writing requires an in-depth understanding of marketing, search engine optimization, and your customers and products. Our technology marketing writers can help you craft and tune your campaigns so you can lower CPC, increase conversions, and improve lead quality. Jennifer “J Lynn” Cameron is a full-time freelance writer and editor living life in the Midwest. Since 2010, she’s been delivering quality content for clients in the marketing, sales, accounting, finance, and eCommerce spaces. A consummate professional and definite nerd, she’s a research genius and voice-matching master.

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You may find that you’re way more capable than you initially thought you were. Rather than adapting their abilities to fit the tech world’s needs, some writers are reshaping the industry in their own image. And last year, novelist and filmmaker Miranda July created Somebody, an app that had strangers serve as in-person deliverers of messages between two people. https://cryptonews.wiki/ She hired a team of designers and coders, partnering with interactive digital agency Stinkdigital to create the app and figure out how to make it compatible with users. When we partnered with AlpInsider, we knew exactly how to help the new brand both establish itself as an authority in the mountaineering community and grow an organic audience that converts.

By starting with a cohesive messaging platform that explains your technical message in terms your market understands, you can ensure that your external communication aligns with your internal reality. This evergreen document can amplify the thinking and expertise of your best people, and help align all your outreach for maximum impact. The global multimedia company now covers all the latest in technology, gaming, and entertainment. And they pay for freelance writing jobs on consumer-friendly tech topics.

Ricker spent years at Engadget and eventually moved to the Verge as senior editor.

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In fact, up to 90 percent of the B2B buying journey happens before the first contact with your company, and with the widespread move to online shopping, B2C is trending similarly. With Expert Support as your writing team or supporting your marketing department, you can create collateral that entices, educates, and excites your prospects as they evaluate your products. So what do employees in some of these jobs actually do and how do they fit into tech company culture? These wordsmiths may have to take complex tech concepts and translate them into simple and engaging language for the average user.

Eric consistently is an excellent reviewer, and I highly recommend his work. He has been the top dog of TechCrunch since 2007 and has transformed the publication into one of the most influential tech sites in the world. His professionalism is unrivaled, his dedication awe-inspiring, and his work is seen throughout the TechCrunch site through his style and ethos.

Plus, it leaves some breathing room in my creative well at the end of the day for the types of writing and art that bring me true joy. Kathie Bullard Harrisis a freelance health and wellness writer living in the Southern United States. When she isn’t writing copy, she’s working on her forever-in-progress first novel.

We’ll match the best talent for your needs based on the required skills, expertise level, project size, budget, language, geography, experience, and other criteria. A decision is made by our experts with the help of AI-based algorithms. Only 3% of the talent we vet are accepted to our network – hence you can be assured of the quality.

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