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The reference contains examples for all properties, methods and events, and is continuously updated according to the latest web standards. This tutorial will teach you JavaScript from basic to advanced. Here we’ll actually start looking at some code, and while doing so, explore what actually happens when you run some JavaScript in your page. CSS is a language of style rules that we use to apply styling to our HTML content, for example setting background colors and fonts, and laying out our content in multiple columns. Go to your test site and create a new folder named scripts. Within the scripts folder, create a new text document called main.js, and save it.

javascript web development

By semester’s end, students emerge with knowledge and experience in principles, languages, and tools that empower them to design and deploy applications on the Internet. The polymer is an open-source JavaScript library maintained by Google to build web applications using web components. It also supports both one-way and two-way data binding, thus creating a more extensive area of application. When you compare Angular to Polymer as both are built by Google, Angular is a comprehensive framework for web app development, while Polymer is only a library for web component design. It was the very first library to allow interactive building applications through the use of web components. Currently, more than 3000 websites are using polymer, to name a few there are,,, and so on.

It’s a JavaScript superset that uses the same syntax but also supports static typing and classes. In TypeScript, you get access modifiers, enums, generics, hybrid types, and more. Generally speaking, Angular is a fantastic platform to look at if you’re a new dev. Angular is one of the most powerful and open-source JavaScript frameworks. Google operates this framework and is designed to use it to develop a Single Page Application . This development framework is known primarily because it gives developers the best conditions to combine JavaScript with HTML and CSS.


Salesqueen is the highest-rated JavaScript development company, with a client-focused approach that sets us different from the competition. We have qualified developers with experience and competence in designing web solutions for small and large enterprises. You can employ JavaScript programmers from Salesqueen who are qualified for your project and endeavor to complete it in the shortest period possible. Our JS professionals can also assist you in selecting the best framework for your JavaScript website development.

We will build on those foundational programming concepts to help you execute your code, store, and reference values. Simply put, these are code blocks that can be classified as either classes or functions. Each component represents a specific part of a page, such as a logo, a button, or an input box. The parameters they use are called props, which stands for properties. Speaking of syntax, most developers agree that React is easy to learn when you already know JavaScript. JS is one of the most used programming languages out there.

Ember.js is just getting better, and I would highly recommend it to you. Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that was originally released by Yehuda Katz in 2011. It was initially known as SproutCore 2.0 before it became known as Ember.js. Work on the Ember framework started in 2011 and version 1.0 was released two years later.

javascript web development

Every time you see a popup window appear on a page, or some new content displayed for example, that’s the DOM in action. JavaScript is a powerful programming language that can add interactivity javascript web development to a website. Knowledge of modern version control systems and automated build workflows/pipelines for web applications. 2-5+ years of experience working as a WordPress developer.

What is JavaScript?

This means that there is one more plus side to learning and building things with JS. You probably know some pages that slide more information on the page as you scroll down. Most of us buy things online; this is done with JS as well; JStakes care of checking values you enter and communicating with a server.

After studying HTML and CSS, you should learn JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive web pages for your users. JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language. Compiled languages on the other hand are transformed into another form before they are run by the computer. For example, C/C++ are compiled into machine code that is then run by the computer. The program is executed from a binary format, which was generated from the original program source code.

javascript web development

Front-end code is used to create static websites, where the purpose is to display the web page. JavaScript is a programming language that adds interactivity to your website. This happens in games, in the behavior of responses when buttons are pressed or with data entry on forms; with dynamic styling; with animation, etc. This article helps you get started with JavaScript and furthers your understanding of what is possible. JS frameworks are JavaScript programming libraries that have pre-written code to use for standard programming functions and tasks.

One of the great things is that we can also add methods to the objects if we need to. Let’s use our example from above and make it a little bit more advanced. We will add a property named ingredients that will be an empty array at the start. But we will add a method for adding ingredients, named addIngredient. And there is more to come in the coming years as boundaries of progress will be moved more and more, and most mobile devices support JavaScript with ease.

JS is still a universal programming language for programming web pages; you can use it almost anywhere. More than 90% of browsers will be able to work with JavaScript. Most online games these days are implemented using JS as their programming language. JavaScript is a programming language created for web browsers, for making web pages feel alive.

How do you add JavaScript to your page?

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports programming types that are event-driven, functional, and imperative (including object-oriented and prototype-based). Originally, JavaScript was only used on the client-side. Although, JavaScript is still used as a server-side programming language these days. To sum up, in a short sentence, JavaScript is the language of the web. A lot of pages suggest learning JavaScript, but what is JavaScript? We get asked about JS a lot at CodeBrainer, that is why we wanted to write a good description of JS so that all of our students would understand what is JavaScript and why should they learn it.

javascript web development

So-called Application Programming Interfaces provide you with extra superpowers to use in your JavaScript code. Great HTML and CSS skills, experience developing web sites without templates. You will work with the Document Object Model and learn how JavaScript communicates with a web server. You will also work more closely with GitHub and learn how to test your code.


The code is received in its programmer-friendly text form and processed directly from that. A very common use of JavaScript is to dynamically modify HTML and CSS to update a user interface, via the Document Object Model API . Note that the code in your web documents is generally loaded and executed in the order it appears on the page.

  • Ember features an excellent build tool, borrowed from many other SPA frameworks, called Ember CLI. This build tool has everything you need to get started.
  • Go to your test site and create a new folder named scripts.
  • A member of the LIVELY Technology team that works with the latest web standards in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Liquid.
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Pass parameters into functions by value and by reference as well as program a more advanced web animation. This course is designed to prepare you with the skills you will need to start or continue your career as a web developer using JavaScript. To get started, please complete the information form on the following page. Finally, this is the most modern version of a loop since it will return objects it iterates through, this way most of the work is already done for us and the code looks clean. Objects in JS are very natural; you don’t even have a feeling, that you are working with objects, but in reality you are. Consequently, this means that we can make it really great for usage.

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After successful completion of the program, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you, at no additional cost, in the name you used when registering for the program. All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of MIT. You’ll set up your local machine and start using tools such as VS Code, GitHub, and get introduced to Airbnb JavaScript. This course is an ideal launch pad for those who want to learn the fundamentals of web development from MIT faculty.

JavaScript Web Development

With this application, you allow us to send you an email. If interested in a professional certificate from edX, enroll at instead. Commendable service by this team of professionals who focus on delivering results as per expectations. They are highly skilled, innovative and professional in their approach. They ensure the product is delivered in time within budget.

Angular has a component-based structure, just like React. You can manipulate, nest, and reuse them as you need them. You will need to use TypeScript to write an application to Angular.

Errors may occur if JavaScript is loaded and run before the HTML and CSS that it is intended to modify. You will learn ways around this later in the article, in the Script loading strategies section. The DOM API allows you to manipulate HTML and CSS, creating, removing and changing HTML, dynamically applying new styles to your page, etc.

Node.js is an asynchronous, single-threaded, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. The Node.js package ecosystem, npm, is also the largest open-source library ecosystem in the world. BackboneJS is a lightweight JavaScript library that enables client-side applications running in a web browser to be developed and structured. Unlike other frameworks, Backbone puts the developer in charge of selecting the right tool that works best for a given project. More than half a million websites are currently using Backbone, including,,, and many more. JQuery is probably the most popular JavaScript library out there with so many features for modern-day development.

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